Paper storage


This is 2 mobile storage towers from Michael’s turned on their sides. One the “top” faces one direction and the other has the “bottom” on that end. I put brackets across the back to stabilize. Covered those with white duct tape. I covered the unfinished ends and back with white contact paper. I then put a small pegboard on one of the old unfinished ends. I think I like it better now that my paper is vertical. I think I am going to attempt to make my own scraprack.



I don’t own a scraprack nor is it in my current plans, however, I am using their 4 category system to organize my supplies

1. Alpha/numerical (includes punctuation). I subdivided mine by color which goes against the recommendation to go by size. I figure I can change it if necessary.

2. Themes A-Z

3. Calendar (dividing in order events that occur in January, February, etc.

4. Rainbow – I divided my papers this way though I didn’t use the rainbow (roygbiv)’ I alphabetized my colors (black, blue, brown, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow) with a multi/clear section at the end. I have three 12×12 plastic paper holders for each color. (Solid/patterns/scrap) and one 8 1/2 x 11 plastic paper holder for my solid paper that size. Also dividing my embellishments this way. The exception being paper/embellishments for specific themes (cats, Christmas, etc).


I have also created a catalog of my rubber stamps, numbered those and filed them in my rainbow cart (purchased at Sam’s Club for about $25).


My new crafting tool

Today I stopped at Michael’s because I got an email stating you could get 70% off the last marked price of select  clearance items. I found a Xyron Creative Station 9″ machine. The box was dusty and a little beat up and I couldn’t read the price on the mangled price tag. Hubby took it to the checkout to get a price check and was told $14.99, so needless to say I added that to my collection!  I think it is just an older model but it works fine.  Now I need to get some magnet cartridges and adhesive cartridges.


Craft room

I am going to change my seldom used dining room into a craft room. Right now in the planning stages. I have purchased a few things to help me organize it when the time comes. First we have to get the flooring we received as a gift from my in-laws installed in my two daughter’s bedrooms.  (Pictured is my current Craft Area – located in the corner of my dining room(


This picture is the wall which currently has a dry erase calendar and bulletin board on it. I plan to remove the panelling, use magnetic primer and dry erase paint. I am hoping to use my Cricut and get a Creative Station to make a calendar for the wall after painting it.