Craft room

I am going to change my seldom used dining room into a craft room. Right now in the planning stages. I have purchased a few things to help me organize it when the time comes. First we have to get the flooring we received as a gift from my in-laws installed in my two daughter’s bedrooms.  (Pictured is my current Craft Area – located in the corner of my dining room(


This picture is the wall which currently has a dry erase calendar and bulletin board on it. I plan to remove the panelling, use magnetic primer and dry erase paint. I am hoping to use my Cricut and get a Creative Station to make a calendar for the wall after painting it.


One thought on “Craft room

  1. was hoping to work on this wall today. However, the wall under neath the paneling, not so good. I guess that is why they paneled it! Think we are just going to buy some inexpensive paneling with no grooves and replace the current paneling and then do the paint job I want done.


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