Get Organized Challenge by Tiffany Spaulding

I organized my Craft Studio using the 4 Section System by Tiffany Spaulding.  I highly recommend her system for organizing your craft supplies.  Tiffany created the Scraprack.  She offers the classes several times a year for free and you do NOT have to use a scraprack to use the system.

The classes last 8 weeks and the latest round began on January 19, 2016 with an introduction to the system.  You can register here:

You can also see the classes that already aired at the above website.  The classes are held each Tuesday morning at 10:00am Pacific time on Livestream.  However, you don’t have to watch live to participate, you can watch them later on either Livestream or the Scraprack website.  They are uusally available later that same day that they air live.  This rounds schedule is as follows:

January 19, 2016 Getting Started:  Set Yourself Up For Success!

January 26, 2016:  Be a Paper Sorting Powerhouse!

February 2, 2016:  Embellishment Overload

February 9, 2016:  Stamps, Punches, Embossing Folders and Die Cutting Systems

February 16, 2016:  Color Your World

February 23, 2016:  Piles of Pictures

March 1, 2016:  Mountains of Momentos

March 8, 2016:  Go On a Crafting Adventure (Crops, Classes, etc.)

There is also a great Facebook Group called 2011 Get Organized Challenge Group.  The group was started in 2011 and due to Facebook rules regarding group size and name changes, they can’t change the group name without losing all the information in the group.  But it is used for every challenge.  You can ask questions about the challenge and share your progress with the group.

I also host an event in the group for the current challenge where I post links to the current class, homework and any other links that pertain to the homework:

So if you need to organize your craft supplies for the first time or simply find a better way of organizing them, check out the class.  You won’t regret it!!!



4 thoughts on “Get Organized Challenge by Tiffany Spaulding

  1. This system looks amazing. Im thinking about trying it. Im trying to figure out 2 things. 1. What do you sit the scraprack on? Will a 4 foot folding table hold it? 2. How wide is it when open if you have the beginner set? Do you know when the next organizing class is? Sorry Im asking so many questions. Im just so tired of spending all my time searching for things.


    • I think a 4 foot folding table would work as long as it isn’t flimsy. One scraprack base needs 16″ of width and about 13″ of depth, the wings will bring that measurement out to about 3 feet but the wings can overhang on either side if needed. One base will actually fit on a TV tray. I have 2 bases. I have mine sitting on an Ikea Kallax and my paper goes into the cube openings. (In the photo it is sitting on a student desk, I recently rearranged my craft room) There is a class going on right now. We are on week 6 but the past videos are available to view either on the Totally Tiffany website: or on Tiffany’s Livestream page: Another class session will probably begin in the fall. I love my scaprack but you can use the 4 section system without the scraprack! Glad to answer your questions! I love this system!

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      • Thank you so much for the info. I like to do other papercrafts besides srapbook such as art journal and make cards. Do you think this system would only work for scrapbookers? I want to put stencils, stamps, embossing folders, spellbinders, and Tim Holtz products to name a few things. Do you store any of those items in your scraprack?


  2. I scrapbook, make cards, use a planner and a play in other areas. I don’t but my stamps, embossing folders or dies in it but there are those who do. Tiffany recommends a catalog for those items so you catalog your items into any theme they might fit into and create a numbering system for your products. For instance a stamp of a present could get cataloged into birthday, wedding, Christmas, etc. I put a copy of the image in that area and put the number I assigned that item (or set). The scraprack, dividers, pages can get a little costly which is why I decided some things would get stored elsewhere but I can find things so easily it doesn’t matter that they are not in the scraprack. I do put my stencils in the scraprack (some my be cross referenced if they fit more than one theme.


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