Get Organized Challenge Week 2: Paper

Week 2 of the Get Organized Challenge is on sorting your paper.  You can register for the challenge and find the videos that have already aired here:

The homework for week 2 is:

This week’s homework is:

1. Create an “Organized Only” area
2. Choose a storage tool for your paper
3. Create Templates or Dividers for sorting
4. Sort at least 8″ of paper
5. Sort your scraps – throw away anything that doesn’t meet your minimum requirement.
6. Put your newly organized paper into your organized only area
8. Celebrate with reward #2

Tiffany Spaulding also has a GO-10 challenge which challenges you to spend 10 minutes a day organizing. Many of the subjects covered in the GOC are also covered there. I will place a link the the GO-10 Challenges each week that cover the same topic as that week’s GOC:…

The pdf of the GO-10 Paper class:


I also have a Pinterest Page for each week, this week’s page can be found here:

Week 3 of the Get Organized Challenge is on sorting your Embellishments and will air live today (Tuesday, February 2, 2016) at noon central time at the following location:


I use Tiffany’s 4 section system to organize my craft room and can find things in a matter of seconds.  The hard part is coming up with an idea so I know what to look for.  Even then I can flip through my supplies and sometimes inspiration strikes!


My current paper storage is in the Kallax 8 cube unit below.  The only difference is the top row is all paper now and I changed the order.  The first cube has my Themes A-Z, the second my calendar section and the last 2 have my Rainbow paper.  The other 2 photos show my paper storage before I decided to switch it to the Kallax units as you can see those are empty in the photos and I hadn’t quite figured out where everything would work best.



Current paper storage is shown below:  The wooden purple units that fit inside the Kallax are made by my father-in-law and hold my Rainbow paper (solid & prints)  The other two cubes have Totally-Tiffany Paper Junkie boxes laid on their sides and my Themed and Calendar paper is stored there.


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