Get Organized Challenge Week 5: Color Your World: What to do with Inks, Chalks, Paints, Sprays…. will air live Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 10:00am Pacific Time on Livestream:

The homework for this week is:
1. Decide on a storage tool for your coloring agents.
2. Gather all your coloring agents together by color and brand.
3. Create Catalog sheets by color/Manufacturer
4. Post your PROGRESS REPORT in the Facebook Group
5. Celebrate with Reward #5

Tiffany and Karen are out of town next week and there will be no class. I think she might revise the homework to include additional items, if so I will edit the list.


You can find past lessons of the Get Organized Challenge on Livestream or the scraprack website:


My coloring agent storage is showed above:

1st Column:  Alex (Ikea) drawer with misc coloring agents

Sterlite Container with Ink Daubers for Stampin’ Up Ink (I number them the                               same as my ink pads

Wooden units my father-in-law made to fit in my Kallax.  My Tim Holtz Mini                           Distress Inks and other mini inks are in the tin storage boxes.  The other wood                         unit holds any other ink pads I own.

Second Column:  Pen & Ink Palace by Totally-Tiffany (I painted it purple)

Stickles in an Alex Drawer with dividers made from plastic canvas

Third Column:  Pen/Marker Storage that my father in law made


Stash & Store units by Totally-Tiffany – the middle one holds inks refills,                                  embossing powders, glitter, sprays, and paints.


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