There has been a schedule change in the Get Organized Challenge.  Tiffany had to go to the UK as she is appearing on one of their craft shopping channels promoting her products.  Normally Karen fills in for her if she needs to miss but Karen is on vacation.  So if you are following the challenge.  Use this week to work on whatever area you think needs it most.  If you are close to finishing an area, use this week to finish it up and next challenge you can use that week for another area or take it off.


2016 GOC Banner 500 x150


Here is the revised schedule for the rest of the challenge:

February 23, 2016 NO CLASS

March 1, 2016: Piles of Pictures: Taking control in the real world and in the digital world

March 8, 2016: Mountains of Mementos: Organize your momentos then organize your scrapbooking projects

March 15, 2016: Go on a crafting adventure: Fine tune your crop experience


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