Tiffany Spaulding (AKA the Scraprack Lady) is offering a 1 1/2 hour class entitled Organization 101.  This is the description she gives the class:  “This class focuses on the basic strategies and systems you need to get your craft supplies organized – and keep them organized.  We’ll start with a discussion of the 4-Section System and then address individual craft supplies.  Some of the items covered will include: paper, stickers, embellishments, dies and cutting systems, stamps, embossing folders and more”

The class will be presented live on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at noon central time on Livestream

To find out more about the class and/or to register visit here

I organized my craft room using Tiffany’s 4 Section System and highly recommend it.  You do not have to use a scraprack to use the system or participate in her classes.





GET ORGANIZED CHALLENGE WEEK 8: GO ON A CRAFTING ADVENTURE FINE TUNE YOUR CROP EXPERIENCE will air live on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 10:00am Pacific time on Livestream:

This week’s homework is:

1. Find a tote you want to use for going to crops. Use exclusively for crops if possible.

2. Create a crop packling list: Example of a crop list can be found here:

3. Decide how much you can crop in one hour. Add 20% to that amount just in case. Use this to help you create a list of what to pack.

4. PROGRESS REPORT on the main Facebook page.

5. Celebrate with Reward #8


Crafty Haul w/Barb & Easter Project share

Craft Haul from Target, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree.  A few Easter project shares:  Craft Haul

You can find info on how to make the Bunny Popcorn Box in this video:… and the templates for the ears and feet can be found here:…

The Easter basket can be found on MayMay Made It’s You Tube Chanel, the video is here:…Measurements can be found here:… #thiscraftylife


Get Organized Challenge Week 7: Mountains of Momentos will air live on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 10:00am Pacific Time on Livestream :

The homework for this week is:

1. Sort your memorabilia into a filing or storage system.
2. Label memorabilia with location of coordinating pictures and journaling notes.
3. Create an on-line journal on your “desktop: so you can easily add to it. If you use a smart phone, include the journal in your sync function so you can add notes using your phone.
4. Start a holding album for your next or current project.
5. Sort 1 container more of “stuff”
6. Sort 4″ more of paper
7. PROGRESS REPORT in the main facebook group
8. Celebrate with reward #7




All past videos from this round of the Get Organized Challenge can be found here:  Get Organized Challenge 2016