I meant to post this before it aired live but I have been in FLARE with my UCTD (Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease) and had a death in the family so I am late.

Week 1: Set Yourself Up For Success will aired live on Livestream on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 4:00pm Pacific Time:

The homework for week 1:

1. Use your craft supplies to create a “Big Benefit(s)” reminder, and a reward list for each of the 8 challenges you complete. Hang it up somewhere you’ll see it every day.  This is a past Big Benefit Board of mine:

2. Learn about the 4-Section System:  4 Section System Video and/or 4 Section System PDF
3. Create your Themes & Sentiment list.  Sample Theme & Sentiment list pdf
4. Gather your supplies together into one room/space
5. Take a few “before” pictures
6. Set your purge goals, get a purge box, find a home for your purge – where will you sendit, take it, etc? I can’t find the Purge Podcast on the new website but you can find the information in a written form here
7. Evaluate your space for Visibility and Accessibility. Make changes and prepare the space for your supplies.
8. Join the Get Organized Challenge Facebook group (if you are not already a member):  The 2011 Get Organized Challenge Group  (The name can’t be changed because of Facebook rules regarding group size and name changes)
9. PROGRESS REPORT: Post on the Facebook group page (listed in #8), please start it in all caps as show here, as that helps Karen find them easy!
10. Celebrate with Reward #1

Be sure to register for the challenge each time you participate in order to get reminders/follow up emails:  Totally-Tiffany Get Organized Challenge Website  The weekly videos are also posted on this webpage after airing live.
You may want to follow Tiffany on Livestream, this is NOT registering but you will get a notification each time she schedules something on Livestream.  The videos are also archived on Tiffany’s Livestream Page




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