Week #2 Paper Organizing Powerhouse will air live on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 4:00pm Pacific Time on Livestream (After the event it will be archived at the same link and posted on on the Totally-Tiffany website). The homework for week two:

1. Create an “Organized Only” area for your craft supplies.  An Organized Only area can start very small and grown as continue to organize creating more organized space.  Your organized only area can be as simple as a shelf or two to start:  Here is what Tiffany uses as here organized only area:

2. Choose a storage tool for your paper.  There are lots of storage tools for you paper.  Tiffany highly recommends going vertical.  I have and would not go back.  Here is my paper storage:

3. Create Templates or Dividers for sorting.
4. Sort 8″ of paper (please note this does NOT say to sort all of your paper)
5. Sort your scraps. Throw away any scrap that does not meat your minimum size requirement.
6. Put your newly organized paper into you Organized Only space.
7. PROGRESS REPORT: post in the Facebook group
8. Celebrate with Reward #2

My Pinterest Board for week 2



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