Week #5: Color Your World: What to do with Inks, Chalks, Pens and Other Coloring Agents will air live on Tuesday, June 7, at 4:00pm Pacific Time on Livestream

The homework for this week:

1. Decide on a Storage Tool (baskets, clamshells, Towers, etc.)
2. Gather all your coloring agents together by type and brand
3. Create catalog sheets by color/manufacturer
4. Post your progress on the main group page
5. Celebrate with reward #5

Tiffany has some coloring charts that she created called Peek a Hue. You can find a video about them here and links to the different charts she describes in the video as well:   here

I created a file in the group with links to many different charts for cataloging your coloring agents:  here

My Pinterest Board for week 5.

I did share the Excel Sheet that I created for cataloging my coloring agents.

Below are my coloring agent storage solutions:







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