Craft Hauls.

You can see my latest craft hauls on Youtube:


September 20, 2016:  Target, Hobby Lobby, Joann and Michael’s

September 18, 2016:  Meijer, Target & Michaels



Get Organized Challenge: Week 1 Getting Ready to Get Organized.


I organize my craft room using Tiffany Spaulding’s 4 Section System.  Tiffany offers a free 8 week organization class three times a year for FREE.  Tiffany created the Scraprack but you don’t have to use a scraprack to take part in her classes and/or use the system.

The next challenge begins Tuesday, September 27, 2016 and I made a video about the first week.  You can find out more about the Get Organized Challenge on Tiffany’s website.  The first week you learn about the system and prepare to start organizing.

The homework for week 1:

  1.  Use your supplies to create a Big Benefit Board
  2.   Read the article on the 4 Section System and/or watch the video
  3. Create your Themes/Sentiment list.  You can find a sample here
  4.   Gather your supplies together in one room/space
  5.   Take before pictures
  6. Set your purge goals:  get a purge box, think about where your purge will go
  7. Evaluate and Assess your space
  8.  Join the 2011 Get Organized Challenge Facebook Group
  9.   Post your PROGRESS REPORT in the group
  10.   Celebrate with Reward #1