The GOC week 2:  Paper will air live on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 10:00am Pacific time on Livestream  (If you can catch it live you can watch the recorded version at a later time.)

The homework for week 2 is:

  1.  Create an Organized Only area in your craft room/space.  Remember this can start as small as a single shelf and grow with you.  Example of an Organized Only area:ImageProxy
  2. Select a storage tool for your paper.
  3.  Create Templates/Dividers to use to sort your supplies.
  4. Sort at least 8″ of paper.  Remember you don’t have to sort all of your paper this week.  Paper sorting will be assigned throughout the challenge.
  5. Sort your scraps.  Throw away any that don’t meet your minimum requirement.  Tiffany recommends 6″x 12″
  6. Put your newly organized paper into your Organized Only space.
  7. PROGRESS REPORT on the main Facegroup page
  8. Celebrate with Reward #2

You can find out more about the Get Organized Challenge here

Tiffany has a GO10 Challenge that goes more in depth on the different topics.  Each  week I will post the relevant lessons:


I have a Pinterest Board for each week.  GOC Paper Pinterest Board
Below is my paper storage in an 8 cube Kallax, a closeup of one of the cubes and how I store my scraps

I forgot to include how much store my card bases and mats in the video.  I have a 2 drawer cube for A2 card bases in mats.  In the top drawer I store my blank card bases sorted by color.

In the second drawer I store the A2 card mats sorted by color.

The other cube has two larger drawers and two shelves.  One drawer has my completed cards by type and envelopes.  The other has my 5×7 card bases and mats by color.  I make more A2 cards but like to have some of the larger ones on hand as well.

This is a photo of the two units


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