Get Organized Challenge Week 3: Embellishments


Week 3: Embellishment Overload will air live on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 10:00am Pacific Time on Livestream

Week 3 Homework:

1. Sort and Store 1 container a day for 4 of the next 7 days. (Tip: make your containers a reasonable size. I suggest shoebox size. You can always do more than 4 if you have the time but if your boxes are too large you won’t finish and get that sense of accomplishment that will make you want to continue!)
2. Set a Purge Goal:  You can make this a certain measure for each year you are crafting, anything over a certain age, or if you wouldn’t buy it now, it goes.  Whatever you are comfortable with.  Purging is probably something you will want to review from time to time
3. Sort 4-6″ of paper
4. PROGRESS REPORT in the Facebook Group

Tiffany’s GO-10 Series that will be helpful this week:

Flat Stuff

Bulky Stuff

My Pinterest Board for week 3


My Embellishments are stored in my scraprack whenever possible.

Washi & Ribbon are stored in Totally-Tiffany Stash & Store boxes.

My YouTube Video on Embellishment storage



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