Get Organized Challenge is starting soon


I love Tiffany Spaulding’s 4 section System and Get Organized Challenge.  I don’t receive compensation for promoting it.  It has made my Craft Studio so organized that I just want everyone else to know the beauty of the System.

It is about organizing your crafts using the 4 section system:

  1.  Alpha-Numeric
  2.   Themes A-Z
  3. Calendar Year
  4.   Rainbow

You can watch my YouTube Video   Below are some other useful links about the challenge:

Register here  (you can also watch videos here as they upload them after the live presentation on Livestream)

Facebook Event

Facebook Group for the GOC

Livestream where videos premiere live and are also archived to watch later

Tiffany’s YouTube Channel

I also have created a new Facebook Group for myself:  Barb’s Craft Studio on Facebook






Craft Studio Progress

You can watch a video of progress on YouTube  Below are some pictures taken during setup.  I have changed some things and added others.  I need to take new photos, film a video and write an up to date blog post but I thought I would at least show I was making progress.