The Get Organized Challenge 2017 got underway on Tuesday, January 31.  The first week is about getting ready to get organized.  If you didn’t catch it live, you can still watch.

You can find all the information about the classes including registration links, handbook link, and the videos that have aired to date (as of this writing just the first one) on the Totally-Tiffany webpage

I am not affiliated with Totally-Tiffany or compensated for this blog.  I just love the system and want to share how it works for me!

The challenge is completely free and while Tiffany created the scraprack and uses her product during the challenge, she always stresses that you don’t need the scraprack to use the 4 Section System.  She tries to keep product talk to a minimum and if she does discuss she tries to save it til after the class so if you don’t want to hear about the products you can leave as soon as the class portion ends.

Each week of the class focuses on a different area of organization.  Homework is assigned each week and there is a Facebook group that you can join if you want to share progress, ask questions, etc.  Again not necessary but it a great site and one of the most pleasant groups I belong to.

The homework for week 1 is:

  1.  Create a Big Benefit Board using your craft supplies.  (You can just handwrite or put on your computer if you wish!)  Include a reward list – one reward for each of the 8 weeks that you complete the assigned homework.  Note that this does not mean that you have to finish organizing your craft space just make the assigned progress and you get your reward.   Below is one of my boards from a previous challenge:100_0148

2.  Learn about the 4 Section System

3.  Create your own Themes & Sentiment list.  You can find a sample here

4.  Take a few before pictures

5.  Gather your supplies together into one room or space

6.  Set a purge goal.  You can find more information in this video

7.  Evaluate your space for accessibility and visibility

8.  Join the Get Organized Challenge Facebook Group  This is not required but super helpful as it is a great group of members

9.  PROGRESS REPORT:  Post in the Facebook Group (or email Totally-Tiffany)

10.  Celebrate with Reward #1

I made a YouTube video talking about week #1.   I also host an event on Facebook for the GOC.  Note that the event is listed as 2 weeks but runs 8 this is because Facebook only allows a 2 week window.  I do post the homework and links for the entire 8 weeks.  I include the links I shared here plus links to other helpful things like more pictures of Big Benefit Boards, a file that contains low/no cost rewards, etc.

I also have a Pinterest Board for each week of the challenge, you can find week one’s board here.

The classes air live on Tiffany’s Livestream page each Tuesday for 8 weeks.

The February 7, 2017 class will be on paper.

Tiffany also offers a GO-10 class that is very helpful.  Each week I will try to include links to the class topics that might be helpful GO10 Class on paper


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