The Get Organized Challenge week 3 class is on Embellishments and will air live on LIVESTREAM on February 14, 2017 at 3:00pm Pacific time.    If you can’t watch it live it will be archived on Livestream and on the Totally-Tiffany website.

The homework for this week is:

  1.  Store and sort 4 containers of embellishments over the next 7 days.  I recommend making these a reasonable size box (shoe or boot box size).  You can always do more but that sense of accomplishment from doing at least the minimum will make you feel better.  Tiffany does a GO10 class as well and two of those will be useful this week if you more info on the subject:  Flat Stuff and Bulky Stuff
  2. Sort 4-6″ more of paper
  3. Set a purge goal (if you haven’t already)
  4. PROGRESS REPORT:  post in the Facebook Group or email Totally-Tiffany
  5.   Celebrate with Reward #3

I have a Pinterest Board for week 3.  I made a YouTube Video discussing the challenge and another video showing My Embellishment Storage video


The above picture is my scraprack where most of my embellishments are stored.


The above photo shows 2 bins in my Kallax unit.  I made a shelf out of white foam board.  The top bin holds my foiling/laminating supplies and the bottom shows some extra planner supplies.101_0501

The above photo shows 2 Ikea Kvissle Letter trays that hold my washi collection stored using the 4 section system.  I used cardstock and my scoreboard to make the little boxes.


The above photo is a spinning spice rack that holds my chunky glitter and sequins.  I have some in little baggies as Tiffany recommends but I discovered that method is not for me.


The above picture shows 3 Totally-Tiffany Stash & Store boxes in 1 Ikea Kallax cube.  The 5 drawer units I used to store my washi in but it outgrew this method.  I store my adhesive ribbon and bakers twine in those two.  The 3 drawer one is a ribbon container and I use it for my ribbon.101_0504

The above picture shows 3 bins:  The top one holds napkins that I use for the napkin transfer method (mainly on tags).  One bin holds my camera and the other holds large rolls of twine.


The turquoise cart above is an Ikea Raskog cart and holds my planner supplies.  I like to wheel it into the next room and work on my planner while watching TV with my hubby.


The above Rose Gold cart is a Recollections Lexington Cart from Michael’s.  It hold my project life/notecards in the top bin; quilling supplies & sew easy in the middle and the bottom has post it notes and note pads.


The above picture is the closet in my craft studio.  I am still working on this area.  The bottom 4 rows are my Rainbow back stock area.


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