Get Organized Challenge Week 6: Photos

Week 6 of the Get Organize Challenge: Picture Perfect airs live on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 3:00pm on Livestream


The homework for week 6 is:

1. Establish your physicall (printed) and computer (digital) photo filing systems.
2. Sort 2 piles/boxes/containers of physical photos. Add 1 container for every helper you have.
3. Sort 1 year of digital photos
4. Sort 1 container of embellishments
5. Sort 4″ of paper
6. PROGRESS REPORT: post on the main Facebook page
7. Celebrate with reward #6


My YouTube Video about week 6

You can always find more about the GOC by visiting the Totally-Tiffany website
This is how I currently store my photos and Momentos

These are Momento Keepers by Totally-Tiffany.

I used to store them this way:






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