My Embellishment Storage

The topic of the Get Organized Challenge this week is Embellishments.  I thought I would share my embellishment storage with you.  There are some things that I want to change but I will share what I am doing now and what I am thinking about doing when I show those items.

The majority of my embellishments are in my scraprack filed using the 4 section system.  I love this system and the scraprack.  But let me tell you that this system doesn’t require a scraprack!!!  I have stickers, die cuts, brads, buttons and more in here.  I also have catalog pages of my tools (which I will show talk about next week).


My washi tape is in Ikea Kvissle letter trays.  (Note these will fit in the Ikea Kallax cubes.  I just didn’t have the cube space and like that this is right by my work desk.  I made little trays out of cardstock using my paper trimmer and a score board.  (I tried to use cardstock that corresponded to the theme/color of the washi when possible).  I have duct tape in a photo storage box and decorative tape on dispensers in a Totally-Tiffany Monica bag.


My ribbons is in Totally-Tiffany Stash N Store boxes.  Larger rolls are in an IKEA Alex drawer.  This is one of the items I want to tweak.  I want to keep ribbon in the TT Stash and Store boxes but take it off the rolls and wrap it around chipboard or foam board.  I am hoping in this way more will fit in the boxes.  I also want to do the same with the ribbon in the drawer.



I make wreaths and my 6″ mesh rolls are in an IKEA Alex drawer and the 10″ rolls are in a fabric cube in my Kallax cube.  Pipe cleaners cut to 6″ are in the IKEA Alex drawer as well.  I have them in cardstock boxes that I made and sorted by color.


My sequins are in spice jars and on top of an IKEA Kallax unit.  I tried the baggie approach and just don’t like it for these clingy items.  If I traveled with my supplies I would probably have made that work.  I want to get a 4 level Desk Maid Stadium from Totally-Tiffany for these bottles at some point and keep them in order using the 4 section system.  (They are somewhat in that order now)


My Letterboard and Lightbox supplies are in Stash & Store Boxes and plastic divided containers.  I am struggling with how to store the larger letterboard words and will continue trying to find a solution for that.


I have an area for backstock in my closet.  This is in Iris bins by color/theme.  The rainbow is placed in Recollections Media Storage Towers.  (There are other items stored here as well.  This is NOT all back stock.


If you are struggling with Craft Organization check out the Totally-Tiffany 4 section system and the

This system has made my Craft Studio my happy place.



My Photo Storage

Today’s topic in the Get Organized Challenge was Photo Organization.  I am sharing my Photo Storage here.

I keep my 4×6 (and smaller) photos in cases I bought at Michael’s.  They are sorted chronologically.  The photos in these cases have already been scrapped and these are duplicates.   One is full, another partially full and the other is empty:


My photos larger than 4×6 are kept in a Totally-Tiffany letter size Fab File.  I have a special album that I place larger prints in:


The below picture shows the album that I keep 10×13 and 11×14 prints in:.



My photos waiting to scrap are in holding albums.  I use Totally-Tiffany Momento albums as my holding albums.  I have four of these.  They are labelled:  Current Album, Medical, Wedding (my son got married in 2017), and Craft Studio.  The one in the picture below is my Current Album.  I am currently working on December 2018.


My Digital photos are on a portable hard drive (and also on Shutterfly where I do most of my printing).  I sort them by decade:

Screenshot (1)

then by year:

Screenshot (2)

then by month:

Screenshot (3)

Some months may have event folders for weddings, birthdays, graduation, holidays, etc within the month folders.

My completed albums are stored in Kallax cubes/Lappland TV stand (cubes are the same dimensions as the Kallax just a large opening for the tv and a few shelves for video game consoles, bluray players, etc)


As part of my homework this week, I did the following:

  1.  Cleaned up photos on my phone and made sure I had folders for the other items.  I will delete those folders once my pictures are either uploaded or printed.  Many I only keep long enough to post on Social Media and then they are deleted as they are not something I would scrap.
  2. Uploaded 2018/2019 photos to Shutterfly and ordered prints.
  3.  Wrote this blog post!!

I love the 4 Section System and the Get Organized Challenge.  Thanks to it I am up to date on my regular scrapbooking.  I have a few speciality albums I want to complete but I have to figure out the plan for those.  At least now, I know they are a possibility and not just a “dream”

My Paper Organization


The Get Organized Challenge topic this week is PAPER.  I thought I would share my paper storage.  My cardstock/paper is stored mainly in Ikea Kallax 8 cube unit on casters.  It is sorted using the Totally-Tiffany 4 Sections System: Alphabet, Themes, Calendar and Rainbow.  You can click the link above to find out all about the Get Organized Challenge.   I highly recommend this class and Tiffany’s system.  She provides it free and it has changed my Craft Studio.  The above picture shows my themed and rainbow paper.  I use Totally-Tiffany Paper Handlers to hold my paper in the unit.  Most colors have three paper handlers.  They are organized as follows:

  1.  CARDSTOCK:  Solid colors filed by color name.  I mainly use Bazzill cardstock but try to stick to brands that name their colors as it makes it so much easier to store and find the color you need to replace.  I have each color in a plastic sleeve that I found on Amazon
  2.   PATTERNS:  I break my patterns down as follows:  Full page Art, Double sided, Dots, Floral, Plaid, Stripes, Wood, everything else.  Your categories could be different.  I like my double sided separated because I only use it when I need a pattern to be on both sides.
  3.   Speciality:  I have this broken down as follows:  foil, glitter, mulberry, pearl, vellum and white core.

Below is a photo of the paper handlers:


Each color of cardstock is in the paper sleeves I mentioned above.  If I have scraps that color they are placed right in the sleeve.  This way I use them!!


I have another 4 cube unit that I purchased at Kohl’s that holds by Seasonal paper and speciality products.


The top two cubes hold my Calendar (seasonal) paper and some watercolor paper

The bottom two cubes are Totally-Tiffany Fab Files and hold the following

  1.  Crepe Paper
  2.   Felt
  3.   Washi, Window Cling, Faux Leather, and Paty Foil
  4. Kraft Board
  5. 631 or removable vinyl
  6. 651 or permanent vinyl
  7.   HTV
  8. Transfer Tape, Teflon Sheets and ready made Iron On Transfers


I also have some 12×24 Cricut paper that I use for larger projects.  Currently it is just in a decorative shipping box.  I am looking for a better solution:


I cut scraps down for things I use a lot when possible:  Card bases/mats and photo mats.  I also cut them down to sizes for my WRMK punch boards that need special sizes:  Alphabet Punch Board, Mini Alphabet Punch Board and the Emoji Punch Board.

The sizes for my WRMK boards are stored in Totally-Tiffany buddy bags:

I use the Barbara Bag (named after me) for the Alphabet Punch Board:


I use the Gail Buddy bag for the Mini Alphabet Punch Board size:


I use the Shelly bag for the Emoji Punch Board size:


I have a wooden cube unit that I store these buddy bags on.  I also store my envelopes for cards, card bases and mats for 5×7 cards in this one.



I use a 4 drawer wooden cube that I bought at Hobby Lobby for my A2 card bases and mats.



This system works so well and I love that I can find things so easily.  I am hoping to share more of my storage throughout the challenge.  I hope you enjoyed this peek into my craft studio.

New Year, New Goals

I am not making resolutions, I am making goals.  Some of them carry over from last year and some are new or revised.  I have a page in my planner shown below:



The goals are:

Teeth Care:  I suffer from chronic dry mouth due to suspected Sjogren’s Syndrome so teeth care is even more essential for me.  Sometimes when I am in flare I take shortcuts here which I really need to avoid.

Exercise 3-5x a week:  My doctors have recommended I be more active.  Chronic pain and fatigue from health issues make this difficult.

Take Meds:  I take prescription medication and over the counter supplements recommended by my doctor.  I want to take them more consistently at the same time every day.

Control Migraines:  I have suffered from migraines since childhood and started seeing a specialist a little over 2 years ago.  They worsened with my health condition so I had to seek help.  I have them reduced greatly but need to keep them there.  I bought blue filter lenses when I filled my lost prescription which should help.  I need to avoid strong smells (perfume, smoke), sunlight and several other known factors.   Sometimes these can’t be avoided but I try and other triggers I have no control over.

Take Control of Health Care:  I tend to downplay my pain and fatigue and need to STOP doing that and make sure my doctors are aware that pain/fatigue are a part of my everyday life.

Craft 3-5x a week:  Mainly because crafting is almost therapy for me.  I enjoy it and it takes my mind off pain.

Blog 1-4x a month:  This one I really want to do and hopefully grow my audience.  I mainly had stuck to crafting in the past.  I am thinking of expanding this to health blogs, organization (crafty and noncrafty), and maybe some favorite recipes (giving credit to where I got the recipe)

Instagram 3-5x a week:  This one I do pretty good with.  You can follow me @baccsurfs

Pinterest:  Pin weekly (with blog posts, YouTube, etc.)  You can follow me baccsurfs

Facebook Group:  Post at least weekly in Barb’s Craft Studio  Ask to join

YouTube:  Post 2-3x a week.  I normally post craft hauls, project shares and organization videos.  Thinking of doing a vlog/chatty type video as well.  You can subscribe to Barb’s Craft Studio

Twitter:  I would like to post weekly.  I have had an account for a while but have rarely used it.  Follow me @baccsurfs

Clean 4 times a week:  My schedule is actually 2 weeks and I rotate which room I clean

Monday:  Bedroom or Master Bath

Tuesday:  Kitchen or Bathroom

Thursday:  Craft Room or Man Cave

Friday:  Living Room or Dining Room

Deep Clean one room/area a month:  I focus on a different room or area of month.  I declutter, organize and purge.  The main focus are this month is my Craft Studio/Office.  I chose it for January because of using it for my office space.  I like to purge/shred old documents in January.

Organize Crafts:  I use the Totally-Tiffany 4 section system and participate in her free Get Organized Challenge several times a year.  My studio looks good but I know I need to continue organizing it will become cluttered!  If you are interested in participating in the Get Organized Challenge you can sign up on the Totally-Tiffany website.  The next challenge starts Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Organize throughout the entire house:  This will coincide with the deep cleaning each month.  I started this process is my dining room as shown below.  The bins hold shoes, hats, gloves, gardening supplies, grilling tools and other items.


Eat Healthier:  I would like to lose a few pounds but more importantly I think eating healthier might ease some of my symptoms.

Use Cookbooks:  I have a ton of cookbooks.  They are a weakness.  LOL    The photo below was taken at Halloween time but it shows part of my cookbook collection.  I have an 8 cube and a 12 cube unit filled with cookbooks/recipes.  I might have a problem.


Sew:  I got a new Singer Quantam 9960 sewing machine for Christmas and I want to learn to sew.  My dream is to be able to quilt.49742688_537123133469153_5793611235320659968_o

Create/Follow a schedule:  This is intended to be kind of a daily schedule that is not written in stone but can hopefully keep me on task with meeting most of goals.

Do you goals for the new year?



Girls Just Want to Have Sun (1)

You can find my video for week 1 on YouTube

My project for week 1 all came from Dreaming Tree.  I am not affiliate with them but love their files, be sure to check them out.

My first project is the Blossom Tag.  This one is a free file from Dreaming Tree.


blossom tag


My second project is the Butterfly Favor Box.  This is another free file.

butterfly favor box

My third project is the Butterfly Tea Light.  This file is also free.

Butterfly Tea light

My final project is the Penny Farthing Lantern.  This file costs $3.49.  It is part of the Good For Guys Bundle which costs $6.99 and includes two other projects.  I always go for the bundle.  He normally has a code (FREE GIFT) that you can use to get the latest bundle with a purchase of $9.99 or more.

penny farthing lantern

Here is photo of all 4 projects together:

Girls just want to have sun projects

Week 1 Playlist  contains all the participants videos for week 1.

Christmas In July Collab w/Helen Lewis on YouTube

Christmas in July

I have joined my first (actually first 2) Collabs on YouTube this month.  You can find my Week 1 Video


I am hoping to do three (3) projects a week.  I am planning to do a card, a tag and a box each week of the collab.

Merry & Bright Gift Box:  This project I found in Cricut Design Space.  I owned the images necessary to complete the project.  I did add some gold glitter washi to the box.


Snowflake Layered Card:  Another project from Cricut Design Space using images from an Anna Griffin cartridge that I own:



Snowflake Tag:  Another Cricut Design Space project.  This one uses images from Alexis Mattox which I already owned.


I hope you enjoyed my three projects


Patriotic Projects

I love Dreaming Tree SVG files.  They are so easy to make thanks to the great assembly videos provided for each file.


I recently purchased and made the Stars & Stripes Forever bundle. I used my Cricut Explore Air to cut out the projects.


The first item is the Cherry Bomb Lantern:


cherry bomb

Next is the Firecracker Tea Light Topper



The last item in the bundle is the Rocket Lanternrocket


I am hoping to bring you more projects that I have completed and be more consistent with my blog.  Hope you enjoy these projects and be sure to check out the Dreaming Tree Website.  I am not affiliated with Dreaming Tree but do love their projects!