paper letterboard

I thought I would just share photos of my paper storage.  Below is my newly arranged paper storage.  I have been through the challenge several times.  I use each challenge as a chance to tidy, review, purge.  I am hoping to get my father-in-law to make me 2 or 3 more wooden inserts and get some more Paper Handlers from Totally-Tiffany to finally finish off my paper storage and get rid of the rest of that droop you see below.


paper storage


The picture below is my A2 (4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″) card bases and mat storage.  I am hoping to replace this with a 4 drawer cube and make this unit storage for my Xyron refills.card storage 2


The picture below shows my 5×7 card base and mat storage.  My complete cards are also filed here my theme.  I use the shelves above the drawer for organization storage:card storage 1


Currently my vinyl is stored in this Sterlite container sorted by type (removable, permanent, HTV)  Someday I would like to replace this with an IKEA Alex unit on wheels.  I like that I can slide this under my desk when not needed.  I do roll it out and set my cutting machine on top when I am using it.vinyl storage


If you are interested in organizing your craft room (or supplies), check out Totally-Tiffany and her Get Organized Challenge, you won’t be sorry.


Fall Get Organized Challenge – Week 1

You can register for the challenge here

You can see info about this week’s homework in my Facebook Event


I recently rearranged my room.  Photos are below: 101_0564

The above picture is a view from the door to my craft studio.  I try to call it a studio.  It makes me feel better about spending so much time there.  The IKEA Kallax (2×4) on casters holds my paper inside the cubes and my scraprack on top.  It is covered with a wall tapestry that I liked the colors in so decided to use it as a cover to protect the pages opened from direct sunlight.  I currently have file crates holding my stamps and my catalog.  I want to get another Kallax (2×2) to put these in.  It also has my catalog inside which I am hoping to redo since I have changed my storage and am planning to change more of it.


Above is my cutting area and where I use my laptop in my room.  There are 2 L shaped stations in the room.  This is one of them.  The rolling cart under neath this desk area contains all my vinyl supplies and I can roll it out and place the cutting machine I am currently using on top of it.  The grey draws are IKEA Alex drawers and this one contains all my office type supplies.101_0566

A view of the other side of the L where I keep my laptop.  This L is made of 2 Ikea Kallax (2×4) units, a 39″ Linnmon Tabletop and a 49″ Linnmon Table Top and a 5 drawer Alex unit.  I have slatwall hung above each table.


This is the area behind my scraprack.  It has a printer stand with printer on top and supplies under neath.  Another 39″ Linnmon table top and a 2 drawer file cabinet.  There is a TV on top (which I am debating whether to keep as I don’t use it much.


This is the 2nd L shape which has 1 Kallax (2×4) 2 Alex (5 drawer units) and 2 – 49″ Linnmon Table tops.  The white cart is a Totally-Tiffany Companion cart and holds all my different adhesives.  This is where I do my scrapbooking/cardmaking/wreath making, etc.


This is the backside of the Kallax unit in my main workstation.


This is my storage closet where I keep my backstock and some other supplies.  I have 3 carts in here 2 are IKEA Raskog carts and the other one is a Recollections Lexington Cart that I purchased at Michaels.  The Aqua cart is my planner cart I can wheel this into hubby’s mancave where we watch TV and I can work on my planner in there.  The Rose Gold one is my bill paying/mailing cart that I can wheel out when I need it and the black one is currently loaded with wedding scrapbook supplies as my son got married in June.


This is a view of the closet without the carts.  These 3 units came from Michaels.  I have my Rainbow backstock here.  Currently my punches are stored in these as well.  Hoping to see if my father in law will make me punch storage that can fit behind my paper in my Kallax unit.


A view of the upper part of the closet with seasonal backstorage and supplies for my flower punch board, pinwheel punch board, fuse tool supplies and some slat wall accessories.


The other side of the upper closet with various supplies.


The lower part of the closet on the far left side.  Sewing supplies and Tshirts to personalize, etc.


There are a few piles on the desk that need to be taken care of and some current projects sitting around.  Remember I have been the challenge multiple times so my room is in pretty good shape.  I participate each time to watch for opportunities to purge.  I also learn something new each time and enjoy the fellowship of the other participants.  I think Organization is something that needs to change over time as well because our needs change over time so our space needs to reflect that.  I love my space and credit Totally-Tiffany’s 4 section system with the difference.



The final week of the Get Organized Challenge is Going To a Crop and will air live on Livestream on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 3:00pm Pacific Time.

The Homework for this week is:

  1.  Find a tote you want to use for going to crops.  Try to make it exclusive for crops.
  2.  Create a packing list of crop “must haves.” These are the things you will take every time. Spend some time thinking about how to pack these items and how they will be used. Keep the list in your tote so you can use it every time you crop. If you find that there are things you always take, but never use, cross them off the list.   Sample Crop List or an Extended Crop List Sample are available at the links.
  3. Decide how much you can do in an hour a crop. Add 20% to that amount just in case you are able to skip eating and sleeping. This should include the number of “pages” or quantity of projects you can accomplish – cards, mini-albums, etc. Use this list as your guide for packing to go to an actual crop.
  4. PROGRESS REPORT:  post in the Facebook Group or email in
  5.  Celebrate with reward #8

You can find more information about the challenge on the Totally-Tiffany website

You can see my videos on the challenge and packing for a crop

My Week 8 Pinterest Board

My Office Depot cart and the Totally-Tiffany Crop Crate Apron which is no longer available.

Get Organized Challenge Week 7: Momentos


Week 7 of the Get Organized Challenge: Momento Management will air live on Livestream on Tuesday, March 21, 2013 at 3:00pm Pacific

This week’s homework:

1. Sort your memorobilia into a filing or storage system.
2. Label your memorobilia with the location of your photos and journaling notes.
3. Create an on-line Journal on your “desktop” so you can easily add to it. If you use a smart phone, include the journal in your “sync” function so you can add notes using your phone.
4. Start a holding album for your current or next scrap project.
5. Sort another container of embellishments.
6. Sort 4″ of paper
7. PROGRESS REPORT: post on the main facebook page
8. Celebrate with reward #7

You can find more information and the videos from this challenge that have already aired on the  Totally-Tiffany website

The crates are how  I use to store my photos/momentos.  I now have them all in Totally-Tiffany Momento Keepers that I use as holding albums:


Get Organized Challenge Week 6: Photos

Week 6 of the Get Organize Challenge: Picture Perfect airs live on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 3:00pm on Livestream


The homework for week 6 is:

1. Establish your physicall (printed) and computer (digital) photo filing systems.
2. Sort 2 piles/boxes/containers of physical photos. Add 1 container for every helper you have.
3. Sort 1 year of digital photos
4. Sort 1 container of embellishments
5. Sort 4″ of paper
6. PROGRESS REPORT: post on the main Facebook page
7. Celebrate with reward #6


My YouTube Video about week 6

You can always find more about the GOC by visiting the Totally-Tiffany website
This is how I currently store my photos and Momentos

These are Momento Keepers by Totally-Tiffany.

I used to store them this way:







Week 5: Color Your World will air live on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 3:00pm Pacific time on Livestream

This week’s homework is:

1. Decide on a storage tool for your coloring agents
2. Gather together all your coloring agents by type/brand
3. Create cataloging pages by color/manufacturer (I created a file with links to many different cataloging pages)
Tiffany’s peek a hue charts can be found here
4. PROGRESS REPORT: on the main Facebook Group or email it in
5. Celebrate with reward #5

You can always find the videos after they air live on the Totally-Tiffany website:  or archived on livestream.

My Pinterest board for this week can be found here

Tiffany’s storage options for coloring agents

NOTE: There is a change in schedule and Week 6: Photos will air until Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 3:00pm. You can use the extra week to organize more paper, embellishments, tools and/or coloring agents.


I made Youtube videos about the challenge and about my color storage.  Below you can see pictures of my color storage:

This pink storage was purchased at Michael’s on clearance.  I use it for gel and other acid free pens that I use in scrapbooking and card making.  It is on my main work area.


These purple units were made by my father in law and hold my alchohol markers (Copic, Bic Mark Its and Hobby Colour markers)101_0535

This plastic container hold my versamagic chalk inks and is kept on my planner cart as that is where I normally use them.101_0536

This is a Recollections Lexington Cart from Michael’s.  The top bin holds a tote that I purchased at Michaels in the art supply area and holds my color books and rotating board.  The middle pen houses my colored pencils.  The bottom bin holds spirograph supplies.  This unit is normally in my hubby’s man cave as we both like to color.101_0537

Slat wall with Cricut cartridges and supplies.101_0538

Totally Tiffany Stash N Store Units.  The 7 drawer units hold ink refills, embossing powders, glitter, sprays, distress paints and acrylic paints101_0539

My water color crayons and paints hang on slatwall  101_0540

The Totally-Tiffany Pen & Ink Palace (I painted it purple) holds my distress markers, nuvo, etc.101_0541

My Stampin’ Up Ink Carosol holds my ink pads and refills.  The sterlite container with the blue lids seen just above it holds daubers with my Stampin Up Colors.  They are all numbered similarly.  For Instance SU1 is Melon Mambo and applies to the ink pad, refill and dauber.101_0542

Here is a look inside the dauber case.101_0543

My father in law also made these 2 units that are in my Ikea Kallax.  They hold different stamp pads.  The Tim Holtz mini distress inks are divided by color family.101_0544

Marker storage (sharpies, etc) in an Ikea Alex drawer unit.  This unit is in my office area.101_0545

I have another Alex drawer unit in my color area.  Here you will see grid I made from plastic canvas that holds my Stickles (and other glitter glues)101_0546

A look inside of the pink/red mini distress ink tin.  One tin is upside down so you can see I store the distress foam pad in the bottom.101_0547

My color catalog on top of the desk and the Ikea Alex drawer unit underneath.  This is in my cut/color area.101_0548

A look inside my color catalog.  This is my stampin’ up inks, the R notes that I have the refill for this color.101_0549

The page below show my color catalog by color.101_0550


I also catalog by brand, this is a Stickles page.  I downloaded the chart from ranger and put a strip of black cardstock over half of each square so you can see how it looks on light and dark paper.101_0553101_0554

Below is my Distress Color page.  I have a column for mini distress ink pads, markers, paint, stain and glitter.  I don’t have any of the stain or glitter but added them in case I acquire in the future.101_0555

I catalog my glitter by punching out a heart shape running through my Xyron, sprinkling on glitter and then running through the xyron to make the sample a sticker.101_0557

Embossing powder samples101_0558

My Totally-Tiffany Color Keeper and Rotating Design Board.color-keeper




Week 4 of the Get Organized Challenge will air live on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 3:00pm Pacific Time.  This week’s class will be Tool Tantrum:  Organizing your Embossing Folders, Wood Mounted Stamps, Dies, Cutting Cartridges and more.  This week’s homework is:

  1.  Catalog 20 items a day for the next 7 days (or a total of 140 items)
  2.   Sort 4″ more of paper
  3.   Sort another container of embellishments
  4.   PROGRESS REPORT:  Post on the Facebook page or email it in.
  5.  Celebrate with Reward #4

Tiffany does a class called GO10 which has several helpful videos for this week’s topics.  You can find them linked below:

Unmounted Stamps



Embossing Folders

Wood Mounted Stamps

Tiffany also has a video available on Templates & Stencils

I also have a Pinterest Board for Week 4

You can always find all the information about the challenge and videos from classes already presented on the Totally Tiffany website

Below is my Cricut mat, tool and cartridge storage along with my Brother Scan N Cut supplies on slatwall in my Craft Studio.101_0514

Below is how I store my Unmounted Stamps. They are in 6×9 ziploc bags with a piece of cardstock.  I number and label them.  Underneath the bin with the stamps is my Crafter’s Companion card making kit and a paper trimmer.  Along side is a stamping mat, cutting mat and some Dollar Tree cutting mats I use when doing messy stuff.101_0515

The  picture below shows my  folder storages.  In the bin above the A2 folders is my Fiskars stamp press, MISTI and Stampamajig.  The bin above the 5×7 folders and 12″ long folders is my small embossing folders, Cuttlebug long platforms and an all in one folder for my Cuttlebug.101_0516

The drawer unit below has my Cricut information and cords, shape cutters and cutting templates (mainly by Fiskars)101_0517

In the picture below is more slatwall with my all in one embossing plates and Stampin’ Up stamp sets.101_0518

The picture below is my rainbow cart which contains my mounted stamps101_0519

A look inside one of the drawers:  stamps are numbered and in a single layer101_0520

Below is slatwall above my main work area.  I hang my templates and patterned scissors here.101_0521

Below are my We R Memory Keepers Punch Boards which are stored in a Kvissle Letter Tray from Ikea inside an Ikea Kallax unit.101_0522101_0523101_0524

Currently my punches are inside this Recollections 3 drawer cube.  I plan to move them to Iris cases and store them in the Recollections Mobile Storage Tower.101_0525

I store my Xyron refills in this 2 drawer cube by Recollections.  I take the large ones out of the box to fit.101_0526

Below is my cataloging station with extra scraprack pages, sheet protectors, ziploc baggies, spinders, etc.  On top are things that need to be cataloged and some other supplies to help catalog.101_0527

My cinch supplies are kept in a bin in the closet.101_0528

My Brother Scan N Cut (a gift from my girls), the Cricut Expression and my laminator are stored on shelves intended for the kitchen or closet that I purchased at Menard’s (a regional hardware store)101_0529

My cinch machine, my embossing heat tool stand (my father in law made it) and 3 drawer unit (which I already showed above) with chunky glitter/sequins on top


My Totally-Tiffany Companion cart with adhesive storage.  I like that this unit stores under my desk.101_0531

I did a YouTube Video on this week’s challenge and also on my tool storage