Girls Just Want to Have Sun (1)

You can find my video for week 1 on YouTube

My project for week 1 all came from Dreaming Tree.  I am not affiliate with them but love their files, be sure to check them out.

My first project is the Blossom Tag.  This one is a free file from Dreaming Tree.


blossom tag


My second project is the Butterfly Favor Box.  This is another free file.

butterfly favor box

My third project is the Butterfly Tea Light.  This file is also free.

Butterfly Tea light

My final project is the Penny Farthing Lantern.  This file costs $3.49.  It is part of the Good For Guys Bundle which costs $6.99 and includes two other projects.  I always go for the bundle.  He normally has a code (FREE GIFT) that you can use to get the latest bundle with a purchase of $9.99 or more.

penny farthing lantern

Here is photo of all 4 projects together:

Girls just want to have sun projects

Week 1 Playlist  contains all the participants videos for week 1.