Tiffany Spaulding, creator of the Scraprack, is offering an Easy Start Organization Class (and a Kit).  If you have ever been interested in a scraprack, you might want to check out this class.



This class will be offered on Livestream on Wednesday, June 29 at 3:00pm Pacific Time.  You can register at the Totally-Tiffany website   The class is being centered on this kit:

easy start kit

This is a new class but her techniques can be modified and used with other storage systems.  Her classes and FREE and she doesn’t require a purchase.  She does quite often offer discount codes to use at her online store if you want to make a purchase.





Tiffany Spaulding (AKA the Scraprack Lady) is offering a 1 1/2 hour class entitled Organization 101.  This is the description she gives the class:  “This class focuses on the basic strategies and systems you need to get your craft supplies organized – and keep them organized.  We’ll start with a discussion of the 4-Section System and then address individual craft supplies.  Some of the items covered will include: paper, stickers, embellishments, dies and cutting systems, stamps, embossing folders and more”

The class will be presented live on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at noon central time on Livestream

To find out more about the class and/or to register visit here

I organized my craft room using Tiffany’s 4 Section System and highly recommend it.  You do not have to use a scraprack to use the system or participate in her classes.