Totally-Tiffany Embossing Station Unboxing and Review

I recently received the Totally-Tiffany Embossing Station in exchange for my honest review.

I really like the product and think I may even heat emboss more as a result.  It has a paddle with clip for holder your project so your hands don’t get blasted by the heat.  It has a little slot to hold you embossing anti-static pad and slots in the back to hold projects (before and/or after embossing).  It also has a nice built in place to wrap the cord.  The place to hold you embossing anti-static pad won’t hold my anti-static bottle but I can place my embossing pen and snow maker in the slot.  It also holds the ring that allows different size heat guns to be used in the station.  Note the heat tool does not come with the station.  I have a Darice Heat Tool.  I use the ring while in use but store it in the little slot when I am not using it so the heat tool falls deeper and is easier to transport from the storage location to the desk.


You can find my full review on my YouTube Channel

You can find Totally-Tiffany products on her website

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#the100dayproject Days 31-50

Day 31 is a Cub Arm Rest that I made for hubby


Day 32 is a Cub Pillow that I made for hubby


Day 33 is a Cub Birthday Card that I made for hubby.  The card design is from Dreaming Tree.  I omitted the butterflies and flowers and added in Cub logos and baseballs.

Day 34 is a Tulip Table Runner.  The Tulip Design was from Carole Prevost and is available in her Stitch It With Cricut Facebook Group  It is a Cricut Design Space file and I cut it out with my Cricut Maker.


Day 35 is a Double Tulip Hotpad.  This uses the same file as Day 34.


Day 36 is the Week 13 block of 52 blocks in 52 Weeks available from Canadian Quilt Association


Day 37 is Week 14  of 52 block in 52 weeks (see Day 36)


Day 38 is Week 15 of 52 blocks in 52 weeks (see Day 36)


Day 39 is Week 16 of 52 blocks in 52 Weeks (See Day 36)


Day 40 is a Mother’s Day Card.  This uses the file from Dreaming Tree that I used in Day 33


Day 41 is a Birdhouse with tealight that uses a Dreaming Tree file


Day 42 is a makeover for my cat, Precious’ window perch.  Before & after photos

Day 43 is Week 17 of 52 blocks in 52 weeks (see Day 36)


Day 44 is a High Heel Card from Dreaming Tree.  The SVG is a freebie


Day 45 is a Baby Quilt that I made using Cricut High Adventure designer fabric


Day 46 is a Baby Shadow Box from Dreaming Tree


Day 47 is a Baby Card  This SVG is another freebie from Dreaming Tree


Day 48 is a Patriotic Bench Cover


Day 49  I sewed a button on hubby’s shirt


Day 50   I patched a hole in hubby’s pants





#the100dayproject days 21-30

Day 21 is a spring bench cover.  This was a hope chest that belonged to my Mom.  My sister refinished it and added some of my Mom’s old jewelry to it for the knobs.  I made a bench cushion and I have been making a zippered cover for every season for it.  I usually toss some themed pillows on the bench as well.  It makes for some extra seating in the Living Room when needed.


Day 22 is a Pink Tulip block.  This block was designed by Carole Prevost of Carole’s Cricut Crafts in Cricut Design Space.  She shares her sewing files in the Stitch it With Cricut Facebook group    (All the tulip blocks are the same and use the same file)

Day 23 is a Red Tulip Block


Day 24 is an Orange Tulip Block


Day 25 is a Yellow Tulip Block


Day 26 is a Blue Tulip Block


Day 27 is a Purple Tulip Block


Day 28 is a set of envelopes that I made in Cricut Design Space.  Hubby plays a game called APBA and wanted special envelopes for his Chicago Cub teams.


Day 29  I took the Orange Tulip Block and made it into a hot pad using Insulbright.


Day 30 is a Chicago Cub Quilt that I made for Hubby’s birthday.  This is my first actual quilt.


I hope you are enjoying what I am doing in my #2019BarbsCraftStudio100dayproject.

#the100dayproject Days 11-20


Day 11 is a Bunny Treat Box designed by Carole Prevost you can find  Carole’s Cricut Crafts on Facebook.  I made them for my daughter’s students.



Day 12 are these adorable Bunny Napkin Rings.  This is a free SVG from Dreaming Tree


Day 13 is another freebie from Dreaming Tree.  This one is an Easter Basket Place Card


Day 14 is the Bunny Hop Quilt block that I turned into a hot pad.  The pattern is from The Sewing Loft


Day 15 is the My Little Chickadee Box Card available to purchase from Dreaming Tree


Day 15 are the Easter treat bags I put together for my daughter’s students.  I used the WRMK Pinwheel punch board to make the pinwheels.


Day 17 is an Easter Bunny Table Runner.  I got the Design Space file from Carole Prevost in her Stitch it with Cricut Facebook Group


Day 18 is the Mad Hatter Treat Box.  The svg file can be purchased from Dreaming Tree.


Day 19 is the Eggs-quiste Gift Box.  The SVG file can be purchased from Dreaming Tree.


Day 20 is an Easter Card designed by Carole Prevost.  Her design space file link can be found in her Facebook group:  Carole’s Cricut Crafts


I have been sharing my projects daily on Instagram

#the100dayproject Day 1-10

My goal is to spend some time in my craft studio every day. I may be sewing, paper crafting, organizing or even cleaning.  Some days I may do more than one project and those could be shared on days where I do something with no picture opportunity like cleaning or organizing.


    1. Day 1:  I cut this Bunny Block on my Cricut Maker.  I got the pattern from Carole Prevost’s Stitch it with Cricut Facebook Group  There will be several of these bunnies as I plan to make a table runner with them.img_0369-1Day 2:  Block 12 of #52blocks52 weeks.  I cut this on my Cricut Maker as well.  The pattern was obtained from Canadian Quilt AssociationDay 3:  Another Bunny Quilt BlockDay 4:  Carrot Quilt Block made into a Hot Pad.  This design came from The Sewing Loft  It is part of her #Blocks2Quilt seriesDay 5:  Another Bunny Quilt blockDay 6:  Another bunny quilt blockDay 7:  Lollipop Bunnies  I got this idea from One Little Project
      Lolly pop bunnies

Day 8:  Another bunny block

Day 9:  Another bunny block 

Day 10:  The last bunny block.  I will be sharing the completed table runner later in the project

I am sharing daily on Instagram  My personal hashtag is #2019Barbscraftstudio100dayproject

I am hoping to share my daily projects on my blog every 10 days.  Is anyone else participating in the #the100dayproject

My Momento Storage

This week’s Get Organized Challenge was about Momento’s.  I scrapbook the Momento’s that I keep.  They go into a Totally-Tiffany Momento Keeper (no longer available) that I use as a holding album.  My chronological albums are pretty much up to date thanks to the challenge.  I am hoping to make special albums on my health journey.  I was diagnosed with UCTD (Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease six years ago and would like to put together an album about my journey to diagnosis and beyond just not sure exactly how to document everything.  I also want to do an entire album based on my son’s wedding.  A third potential album is on the creation of my craft studio.

Below is a picture of one of my holding albums:0204191322.jpg

I didn’t really have much to do on Momento’s this week as I am caught up in this category.  I have been rearranging my studio.  I recently took up sewing and wanted a better sewing area.  So I rearranged the tables in my studio (2 – 39″ tables, 49″ table and 59″ table) into a large U shaped area.  Previously the desks formed 2 – L shaped areas.  This is the current set up.  I placed the 2 – 39″ tables at the base of the U and formed the sides with the 49″ and 59″ tables.  My sewing area will use the 59″ table.  I still have some things to put away but I can work in it now.  I think this is going to work much better for me.


Tuesday will be the last class in this round of the challenge and will focus on Traveling with your supplies.

My Coloring Agent storage

This week in the Get Organized Challenge we are organizing our coloring agents.

I store my alcohol markers in a Totally-Tiffany XL Pen & Ink Palace.  My Nuvo drops are also currently stored on this unit.  My dylusions paints are in a Totally-Tiffany Edna Bag.  You can see my water color paints hanging on my slatwall


Alcohol inks in Totally Tiffany XL Pen & Ink Palace

Colored Pencils are stored in a Totally-Tiffany Pencil Perch and in a Totally-Tiffany Color Keeper.  The color keeper is kept by my coloring books.  You can see my watercolor crayons hanging on my slatwall.  They are inside Totally-Tiffany Debra bags.

Ink Pads are stored in a few different area.  The majority of my Stampin’ Up ink pads and refills are stored in the color carousel.  There are a few in a wooden unit that my father in law made for me that fits in my Ikea Kallax cubes.  I also have an assortment of other brands in that unit. I have daubers for all my Stampin Up inks and they are kept in a plastic container that I made chipboard inserts for.  I have another wooden shelf unit that my father in law made for me that holds my Tim Holtz mini distress inks in the tins designed for them.  I also use these tins for other mini inks.

I have some other pens that I store in Deflecto X cubes.  These are from a variety of manufacturers (Flair, Sharpies, etc).  I have another wooden unit that my  father in law made that currently houses my Tim Holtz markers and Spectrum Noir Glitter markers.

I keep a basket by the chair that I sit in to hold my lettering supplies which includes some pens/markers in Totally Tiffany Debra and Terri bags.  A Totally-Tiffany Pen & Ink Palace that I painted purple houses more lettering pens.

My paints, sprays, glitters and embossing powders are kept in Totally-Tiffany 7 drawer Stash N Store units.


Totally Tiffany Stash N Store 7 drawer units

My Momento Chalk inks are kept on a 6 level Desk Maid Unit by Totally-Tiffany on a Companion Cart (also Totally-Tiffany).  I use this cart for my planner supplies and that is what the inks are mainly what I purchased these inks for.


Desk Maid 6 drawer unit by Totally Tiffany holds my planner inks and wooden stamps

I catalog all my inks by color and manufacturer.  Currently my color catalog is in baseball card page protectors in a 3 ring binder.  I want to move the color catalog to my scraprack and have to consider the best option for me to do this.  My manufacturer color pages will remain in a 3 ring binder.  I created my own catalog pages for Stampin Up.  I use the same numbering system for ink pads, refills and the daubers for this brand of ink.  I also created a 2 page catalog for Tim Holtz Distress products.  Each color family has its’ own 2 page spread and I have columns for each type of product (ink pads, markers, oxides ink pads, paints, stains, etc).  I also created my own Copic catalog page because I couldn’t read the number on the sheet the manufacturer supplies.  My eyes are getting old.


Next week the GOC deals with Momentos.