My Craft Studio Update

I moved things around in my Craft Studio

I moved things around in my Craft Studio


My Work area


My Cutting Area


Kallax with paper storage and scraprack on top


Rubber Stamp storage is in the Rainbow Cart


Under my Cutting area – photo and negative storage, My catalog of punches, stamps, etc. Extra Scraprack and page protectors.


Craft studio


Above is my paper storage and scraprack.  It has a folded sheet on it to protect it from the sun.IMG_0369.JPG

My work area.  I made stamp pad storage out of foam board to put under the desk risers.  The rainbow cart has my stamps in it.  Wooden ones in the drawer, acrylic in the dvd cases in the blue bin.IMG_0367.JPG

More storage and my laptop/Cricut area.  I just move the laptop when I need to use the Cricut.IMG_0382.JPGThis is the other wall on in my craft studio.  My postal collection, family photos, keepsakes from my Mom, medical books, info that needs to be kept.  My ribbon storage is here for now.

My new craft studio furnuture




The desk is 3 Ikea Kallax 8 cube units and the 59″ Linnmon shelf connected with 2 sets of Linnmon connectors and an Alex drawer unit serving as the legs on the one end. The periwinkle riser is a shelf my father-in-law made a long time ago that I painted and repurposed.

The wall with my Cricut desk is 2 Kallax 8 cube unit with an old desk in the middle. The desk wasn’t really deep enough for the Cricut so I got a 23 1/2″ Linnmon shelf from Ikea to sit on top of it.

The Turquoise Raskog cart is from Ikea and will be used for my Cuttlebug, embossing folders, and dies. The paper storage is 2 Mobile storage towers from Michael’s turned on their side and attached.

My Dining Room in its’ current state of dissaray





The room will become my craft room. Right now it is a catch all. We have put new flooring in 2 bedrooms upstairs and plan to do the living and dining room next. One picture shows where hubby was working on cutting around the doorway to the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. It shows the old ugly carpeting, the flooring underneath, and the carpeted stairs leading up.

My homemade scraprack


I used 3 cottage brackets 13″ (also called 11″ x 13″ wood brackets


We had to cut a little off to make it stand flat


Then using 1″ screws we attached the brackets to a 16″ x36″ shelf


I covered the shelf with industrial strength Velcro. The first and last binders I used a 2″ d ring binder and left the back attached to serve as wings (the first one had to be placed upside down. The middle spinders actually belong to a scraprack as I got a really good deal on the expansion unit which included 8 spinsters.

Magnetic dry erase wall progress

My dear hubby started work on my magnetic dry erase wall. First the paneling had to com down


Then hubby and Father In law had to build a frame for the new paneling


Then new flat paneling installed


Then magnetic primer applied


Hubby finishing up the dry erase paint


Paper storage


This is 2 mobile storage towers from Michael’s turned on their sides. One the “top” faces one direction and the other has the “bottom” on that end. I put brackets across the back to stabilize. Covered those with white duct tape. I covered the unfinished ends and back with white contact paper. I then put a small pegboard on one of the old unfinished ends. I think I like it better now that my paper is vertical. I think I am going to attempt to make my own scraprack.