I watch This Crafty Life Live hosted by MayMay Made It and Melody Lane on YouTube.  It airs every other Monday at 11:00am Central time.  It can be viewed later if you can’t catch it live.  You can find the Season 1 playlist here  The show alternates back and forth between their channels.

The kickoff of Season 2  was a Crafter’s Confessional which was also the first video that they collaborated on.  I thought it would be fun to answer the original questions myself and challenge my viewers to do the same.

Here are the questions:

  1. Most expensive crafting tool you use on a regular basis:
  2. Least expensive crafting tool you use on a regular basis:
  3. Oldest craft that you made that you or someone you know still has:
  4. What crafting tool was your biggest waste of money
  5. What crafting tool was your best bargain
  6. What is the best storage tool you have implemented?
  7. What is the worst storage tool you have implemented?
  8. What is your most viewed video on YouTube
  9. What is your least viewed video on YouTube
  10. Biggest Craft Fail
  11. What crafting items do you stock up on most often
  12. Favorite non-crafting place to buy supplies
  13. Craft you wish you could do but can’t
  14. What tool is next on your crafting wish list
  15. What made you start your YouTube channel?


You can see my answers in this video



Craft haul from Pretzel City Paper, Jo-Ann and Shopko.  Pretzel City Paper is a stamp (craft) store located in Freeport Illinois.  Once a year they host a used stamp sale where customers can sell their no longer wanted stamps (and other craft supplies).  It is also their birthday celebration.  I went with my sister and enjoyed spending some time with her and getting some new (to me) things for my craft room.  My sister bought a Crop-a-Dile set still in the blister pack for $10.00.  I saw it and commented that it was a really good deal.  The grommets were probably worth the $10.  She didn’t really know what it was at first.  I already own one so I wasn’t going to purchase it.