Get Organized Challenge Week 3: Embellishments

GOC Week 3:  Embellishments aired live on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 10:00am Pacific Time on Livestream.

This week’s homework:

1. Sort and store one container of embellishments a day for 4 of the next 7 days. (Please make sure your containers are of a reasonable size. If your items are in very large boxes, find a shoebox size container and fill it. You can always do more than 4 if you find the time.
2. Set a Purge Goal.
3. Sort 4-6″ more of paper
4. Post your progress on the main group page
5. Celebrate with reward #3


I also have a Pinterest Page for Week 3:

Most of my embellishments are kept in my scraprack as shown below


Get Organized Challenge Week 2: Paper

Week 2 of the Get Organized Challenge is on sorting your paper.  You can register for the challenge and find the videos that have already aired here:

The homework for week 2 is:

This week’s homework is:

1. Create an “Organized Only” area
2. Choose a storage tool for your paper
3. Create Templates or Dividers for sorting
4. Sort at least 8″ of paper
5. Sort your scraps – throw away anything that doesn’t meet your minimum requirement.
6. Put your newly organized paper into your organized only area
8. Celebrate with reward #2

Tiffany Spaulding also has a GO-10 challenge which challenges you to spend 10 minutes a day organizing. Many of the subjects covered in the GOC are also covered there. I will place a link the the GO-10 Challenges each week that cover the same topic as that week’s GOC:…

The pdf of the GO-10 Paper class:


I also have a Pinterest Page for each week, this week’s page can be found here:

Week 3 of the Get Organized Challenge is on sorting your Embellishments and will air live today (Tuesday, February 2, 2016) at noon central time at the following location:


I use Tiffany’s 4 section system to organize my craft room and can find things in a matter of seconds.  The hard part is coming up with an idea so I know what to look for.  Even then I can flip through my supplies and sometimes inspiration strikes!


My current paper storage is in the Kallax 8 cube unit below.  The only difference is the top row is all paper now and I changed the order.  The first cube has my Themes A-Z, the second my calendar section and the last 2 have my Rainbow paper.  The other 2 photos show my paper storage before I decided to switch it to the Kallax units as you can see those are empty in the photos and I hadn’t quite figured out where everything would work best.


Get Organized Challenge Week 1: Getting Started

I decided to blog about this a little late.  Week 3 airs live tomorrow but you can still participate and the first two weeks are available to watch.  I think I will try to blog about week 1 today, week 2 tomorrow and week 3 on Wednesday and then try and blog each Monday through the rest of the challenge.

Week 1 aired live on Tuesday, January 19, 2016, but you can still watch the video either on the scraprack website:

You can also register for the challenge at that location and find future videos as well.

The homework for week 1 was:  (links are included where necessary)

1. Use your supplies to create a “Big Benefit” Board Create rewards for each of the 8 weeks, hang somewhere you will see it!
2. Read the 4 Section System article:…
3. Create your Themes/Sentiment list. Here is a sample:…/themes%20and%20s…(Remember yours will be different each of us have different interests and your list will reflect you)
4. Gather your supplies together into one room/space.
5. Take a few before pictures
6. Set your purge goals, get a purge box, find a new home for your purge. The purge podcast can be found here:…/Purge-Patrol-Tif… (They often offer this for free during the first week. If they don’t or you prefer it in a written format, most of the same information can be found here:…
7. Evaluate your space for Visibility/Accessibility. Make changes and prepare your space.
8. Join the 2011 Get Organized Challenge Group on Facebook: (This is where you will post your Progress Reports. I’m sure most of you already belong to the group and that is how you found the event)
9. Post your Progress report on the facebook group listed in step 8
10. Celebrate with reward #1.


I used this system to organize my craft room and highly recommend it.  While I purchased the scraprack for my room, it is not necessary.  The 4 Section System is what makes it work.  Those 4 sections are:

  1.  Alpha/Numeric (I include a WOW – Words of Wisdom at the end of this section)
  2. Themes A-Z  (These are the subjects you scrap and/or craft about.  There is no Miscellaneous)
  3.  Calendar Year – These are things that happen at the same time each year.  I have 4 main sections Winter, Spring, Summer Fall and then have subcategories in each of them.  For instance in Winter:  Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day  At the beginning of Winter I have snow, snowmen, etc that could be used during the entire season.
  4. Rainbow:  This is for anything that doesn’t fit into the first three sections.  Colored embellishments (brads, flowers, ribbon, washi, etc.)  I have my Rainbow in this order:  Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Gray, Brown, Black, Clear/Multi   Some people have a separate  metallic section but when I think Gold I know to look in Yellow so I don’t separate it.



Get Organized Challenge by Tiffany Spaulding

I organized my Craft Studio using the 4 Section System by Tiffany Spaulding.  I highly recommend her system for organizing your craft supplies.  Tiffany created the Scraprack.  She offers the classes several times a year for free and you do NOT have to use a scraprack to use the system.

The classes last 8 weeks and the latest round began on January 19, 2016 with an introduction to the system.  You can register here:

You can also see the classes that already aired at the above website.  The classes are held each Tuesday morning at 10:00am Pacific time on Livestream.  However, you don’t have to watch live to participate, you can watch them later on either Livestream or the Scraprack website.  They are uusally available later that same day that they air live.  This rounds schedule is as follows:

January 19, 2016 Getting Started:  Set Yourself Up For Success!

January 26, 2016:  Be a Paper Sorting Powerhouse!

February 2, 2016:  Embellishment Overload

February 9, 2016:  Stamps, Punches, Embossing Folders and Die Cutting Systems

February 16, 2016:  Color Your World

February 23, 2016:  Piles of Pictures

March 1, 2016:  Mountains of Momentos

March 8, 2016:  Go On a Crafting Adventure (Crops, Classes, etc.)

There is also a great Facebook Group called 2011 Get Organized Challenge Group.  The group was started in 2011 and due to Facebook rules regarding group size and name changes, they can’t change the group name without losing all the information in the group.  But it is used for every challenge.  You can ask questions about the challenge and share your progress with the group.

I also host an event in the group for the current challenge where I post links to the current class, homework and any other links that pertain to the homework:

So if you need to organize your craft supplies for the first time or simply find a better way of organizing them, check out the class.  You won’t regret it!!!