My homemade scraprack


I used 3 cottage brackets 13″ (also called 11″ x 13″ wood brackets


We had to cut a little off to make it stand flat


Then using 1″ screws we attached the brackets to a 16″ x36″ shelf


I covered the shelf with industrial strength Velcro. The first and last binders I used a 2″ d ring binder and left the back attached to serve as wings (the first one had to be placed upside down. The middle spinders actually belong to a scraprack as I got a really good deal on the expansion unit which included 8 spinsters.


3 thoughts on “My homemade scraprack

  1. Which “side” of the Velcro did you put on the shelf (the stiff or the soft)? I do not have a scraprack nor any spinders and one day hope to. I have convinced DH to make me one (which done – woohoo) but I would like to have the same set up, for the time when we can afford a “real” scraprack – I’d like my homemade spinders to work on the scraprack.


    • the stiff, rough side of the velcro is on the rack and the softer is on the spinders. I ended up getting a real scraprack. The angle of my homemade one I think was a little off but it did work. I found a good deal on I have also seen it on Amazon for a good price. HSN has a starter set as well that includes the starter scraprack, dividers and 110 pages for a good deal. Good luck with your homemade version and your organization.


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